Gratitude list

So I found an article on Yahoo! today about optimism. So I am going to make a gratitude list as recommended by the article. So here goes:

Disclaimer: Items on list are in no particular order, just completely random,with the exception of # 1!

1. My sanity (the jury is still out on this one)
2. College Degree
3. Both parents are living
4. Both siblings are living
5. A roof over my head
6. A Vehicle (her name is Grace because she is sufficient)
7. Two Healthy kids
8. My hubby
9. A great circle of Friends (old and new)
10. I have all my senses
11. I have all my limbs
12. My dog
13. Food in my pantry
14. A bed to sleep in
15. The internet
16. My grandmother is living
17. My entire extended family on both sides
18. My in-laws (not many can say or would say that)
19. Clothes in my closet
20. God
21. My neighbors (even if we don't speak often)
22. My first niece, Enari
23. A cell phone (even if my friend Wil gives me a hard time about it)
24. A kitchen with appliances
25. Electricity and cable (even if it is basic)
26. My intellect (believe it or not, this is a gift)
27. Common sense
28. My green thumb (I will yield fruit one day)
29. My uniqueness  (or weirdness)
30. My hair (kinks, curls and all!)