Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It has been 7 days since my last Facebook confession...

I have decided that I would take an indefinite hiatus from Facebook. I'm not sure why but oddly it feels really, really good! I have been a little restless lately and looking for ways to reduce my distractions so that I could focus on some personal goals. I actually felt like I was a bit of a slave to Facebook. Checking in at least 5 times a day and practically spraining my thumb trying to reply to a post or check a picture/note/post that I "may" have been tagged in on my phone.

This decision has been totally liberating. I no longer have to think of clever or witty posts just to get a reaction from others. My friends' list is extremely meager, in quantity, by the standard of any experienced Facebook devotee. I think I may have around 125 friends. Weak, I know but respectable. My ambitions were noble in keeping my list small and "intimate"... I am a private person.

Ironically, I have been classified as weird by a few because I have decided to sever my ties with Facebook even if it may be temporary. I have received several texts and phone calls from friends wanting to know why. I am void of any ridiculously cool or earth-shattering reason, so I just say,"I just lost interest". This reason wasn't good enough for my parents. *chuckling*

I could be reactivating my Facebook account next week, next month or never. Time will only tell...

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