Saturday, January 14, 2012

Holiday gifts - Product Review

I wanted to take a minute to give my feedback on a few gifts that my daughters recieved for the holidays, only because they were extremely popular gift ideas. Before you spend your hard earned dinero, let me fill you in on my pros and cons on each. Makenzie received a Nintendo 3DS and Payton received a V Tech Innotab.

Let me start with the Innotab... Now this gizmo was selling out right and left at almost every store. Situations like that make you want the item more so that you can finally see what the big deal is. Let's start with the positives, shall we? It is extremely durable and easy to handle for Payton's little hands. Also, there is a sliding stand on the back of the device so that PJ can prop it up and enjoy. I also like the screen resolution and the fact that games and activities can be download instead of having to worry about keeping up with the game cartridges, which takes me to my first negative. When you purchase a new game cartridge, because the gadget didn't come bundled with one, there isn't a storage container to put the cartridge in when you take it out or decide to play with another one. Translation: Make sure I put the cartridges up higher than Payton can reach. My remaining negatives are that the cartridges are around $30 or slightly less and there isn't a huge selection of games.

Moving on the the Nintendo 3DS, Makenzie talked about this item for months and months. I was actually impressed with it and I think that I have played with it just as much as her. I really like the dual screens and can appreciate the fact that you can turn off the 3D feature very easily. It also has Wi-fi capabilities. Similar to the Innotab, the 3DS does not have very many educational games. I am not okay with mindless play, there has to be some sort of learning involved beside hand-eye coordination. Now, unlike the Innotab, games vary in price and essentially I can buy two (3)DS games for the price of one Innotab cartridge.

This is just my honest feedback about this products, just in case you were wondering. ;)

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