Thursday, February 9, 2012

What I love about the Fernbank Museum...

Since my membership will be up for renewal soon, I thought that I would take the time to talk about what I love about the Fernbank Museum of Natural History to be sure that I renew it ;). First off, the membership is really worth the price of $95. (For the record the membership was previously $89) That price includes 12 months of admission for 2 adults and up to 4 children (under 18) to museum exhibits, invitations to members-only gatherings and discounts on IMAX movies. I could just stop there and say, "Nuff said!" but I will continue because I have more to say. My girls really enjoy playing in the NatureQuest children's interactive play area. The coolest part of NatureQuest, for me, is the life-size treehouse. 

Identifying inhabitants of a cavern in NatureQuest.

Creating a huge bubble in a bin of soapy solution.
Sounds like Physics to me!

Another positive is the themed Princess and Pirates weekends, where children can arrive in their favorite princess or pirate costume, make a craft, meet "real" pirates and princesses and participate in a interactive story time.  The museum calendar is filled with lots of great activities outside of the giant dinosaur in the rotunda.

The membership also includes reciprocal gratis admission to partnering museums 90 miles as the "crow flies" from the home museum, as well as admission into the Fernbank Planetarium programs. All in all the value of the membership works for us because we have somewhere to go on lazy weekends, rainy days or chilly afternoons all for free, plus my girls might learn a thing or two. Just to be sure that I get extreme value out of the membership, we go at a minimum of once a month. The membership pays for itself in 2 visits for the Braswell Crew and its tax-deductible... What more could a parent ask for?

The girls are wearing turtle shells in the
Wildlife Preservation exhibit.

Payton is creating shadows
with different light sources.

Wildlife Preservation Exhibit

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