Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Book Review: Jesus Calling

I am roughly 24 days into this great new devotional given to me by one of my Morehouse brothers called Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I am pretty skeptical about a lot of books that offer any sort of help or guidance. I have found in all the "self-help" type of books that I have read, with the exception of an elite few, none of the books actually provided any sort of tangible advice you can set in motion within one second of reading it.

Many who know me would call me a high-strung busybody always looking for something to get into. With this book I have taken time to ask myself, why am I always in such a hurry? Why do I overschedule and overcommit? What am I avoiding? Or why do I inadvertently omit God from some of my daily decisions or even my personal ambitions like He couldn't handle it? Before you call me a heathen, ask yourself if you include God in every single decision (minuscule or life-changing)?

In addition to this book and a conversation that I had with my aforementioned Morehouse brother, I have also learned that it is totally OK to continue on your journey with wounds or scars from life's journey because it causes you to lean on the Lord even more for the strength to continue. Previously, I have found myself trying to be okay with pain and trying to move past hurt because that is what everyone expects you to do. It is not socially acceptable to continue to talk about your battle scars...

Aside from the wonderful substance of the book, there are a few other bonuses: It is compact enough to fit into a handbag or the door compartment in the car. Translation: Great stocking stuffer!!! Give someone a gift that will last all year (it's a 365 day devotional) and it doesn't require an activation fee or batteries.

Disclaimer: I am not by any-stretch of the imagination a certified bible thumper, I just wanted to pass on what a great gift I received and how it has helped me so far.