Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Take your vote back!

I'll have to change hats here and add some seriousness to my tone. TAKE YOUR VOTE BACK PEOPLE!
After reading several articles and watching a few interviews about politicians who are "living paycheck to paycheck" on their $174,000+ salaries. When a person takes a political office or any sort of leadership position (paid or unpaid), it is a choice or calculated decision. We always have the right to walk away, if and when, there is strain added to your personal life and more importantly our well-being.
So when I enter my designated polling location one week from now as well as the next year, I plan to be very selective (as always) but I urge you to do the same. The general public has always been the X factor in any civilization. Once the people become restless because campaign promises crumble as easy as pie crust, true change is on the horizon. I say, POWER TO THE PEOPLE! We have two major avenues of power as a citizen, Our Money and Our Vote. For example, if you don't like the service you receive at a store or restaurant, what do you do? I tell everyone, who will listen, about my experience and I never spend one red cent at that establishment again!
Let us not forget (as well as remind others) that we elect these officials to speak on our behalf, by proxy, in Washington, at each State capital and every County/City seat. They work for us, not big oil companies, not big banks or the wealthy elite!!!! Seriously!! We cast our ballots for the fan favorite (GA voter info) and the lobbyists take it from there for the duration of that politician's term, offering money, favors and/or gifts while taking their souls in exchange.
The voice of the constituents isn't heard until time for re-election. But then the cycle continues because we are given more campaign promises during debates and interviews that start like this, "If I am re-elected, I will..." This prompts me to ask, "Why do I have to wait around for you to do the right thing next time?" The whole thing actually bothers me to the point of frustration. Here's a Robert Johnson article that echoes a similar sentiment.
So, what are YOU going to do because I know what I am going to do... TAKE MY VOTE BACK and give an opportunity to someone else who will hopefully get it. I know one thing for sure, I can't allow these political dinosaurs to continue to do nothing that counts (immediately) and to do everything that causes further damage to the deficit, constituent morale and international relations.

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