Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hey there! Here are the pics from our Halloween costumes. My girls and I dressed up as The Cat in the Hat and the super Helpers, Thing 1 and Thing 2.

This is how I did it: The red tops and bottoms were purchased from a local big box store for around $12. I purchased a .5 yard of white fleece and used a red fleece blanket for some the red pieces ($1.74). I used temporary glue dots to adhere the red shoe covers I made for my daughers' shoes and some of the white fleece for the mittens. Their bright blue wigs are actually 2 blue feather boas that I purchased a craft store ($6) and stitched them to 2 separate wig caps (.99). I wrote on two fleece circles of various sizes with black puff paint (.97) and attached them to their red tops.

I cut the white and red fleece fabric into strips, stitched them together to make my hat. The hat was a little on the floppy side so I used fabric glue to attach two pieces of cardstock inside the hat for support. As for my belly and bow tie, I cut a piece of white fleece using a serving platter as a template and then I stitched on two remaining red strips leftover from the hat to make the red bowtie. I completed my costume with a pair of black slacks, a black long sleeve shirt (which I already owned) and an attached striped tail (1/8 yd @ .98). Volia!

Here is the final product:

Three costumes for less than $25! You can't beat that! I researched and priced packaged costumes just for the sake of knowing my total savings (my drug of choice). 2 "Thing" costumes at Party City $39.99 each and 1 adult Cat in the Hat costume $59.99... that's KWAZY! Gotta go find my next deal or adventure... TTFN!

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