Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cool Earth-friendly Christmas Wreath Ideas

I have created 2 really cooool Christmas wreaths made of repurposed items.

The first wreath was my bright idea but I am sure that it isn't a new one. I used all the Christmas cards that I have been saving for the last 2 years and created a wreath. You are probably wondering why I saved them? I like receiving mail so for people to go out of their way to send me a Christmas card, I felt the cards were too special to chuck into the trash. You will need about 30-40 Christmas cards, a glue gun, ribbon (optional) and some double-sided tape. I created my initial freeform wreath shape with a few cards. Then I stacked the other cards on top slightly overlapping the first row so that you could see the designs on each of the cards.

Here is the final product:

My second wreath made of repurposed items came from a lunch and learn day at my local library. The wreath consists of several 4.25"x5.5" sheets of paper rolled into cones and glued (or stapled) to a 4x4 square cardboard base. Any kind of paper can be used: wrapping paper, craft paper or magazine pages. In my example, I used paper from an old book and old calendar sheets. You will need to make at least 40-50 cones to start.

Next, draw three equidistant rings on the cardboard base. The rings will determine where you start each layer cones. Once you have drawn the rings on the cardboard piece, divide the cardboard piece into quadrants. Start layering each quadrant by placing one cone in the center of each quadrant, starting at the outer ring. Continue to add more cones by further dividing each quadrant until you have completely filled in the first layer.

At this point, you add more cones on top of the first layer but at the center ring. So on and so forth until you reach the innermost ring. Now that the tedious part is over, the fun begins. You can customize you paper wreath with ornaments hot glued to the center (like mine). Use the wreath as a table centerpiece by adding a hurricane vase and candle to the center. The possibilities are endless and can be created for any holiday or special occasion!!! 

Final product:

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