Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Great Purge

Currently, we undergoing a massive undertaking at home.... purging things we no longer need or use. Don't cringe yet, just keep reading.

Here is the catch, it HAS to be done before the new year. I can be a little obsessive about timelines, so get over it. I have instructed the hubby but I think he isn't taking me seriously. My kids have noticed because their toys and clothes are disappearing every time they blink :). We already have a standing rule around here regarding toys: Every time a new toy comes in the house, one toy must be given away.

My reason for The Great Purge is quite simple... less is more (more in this case involves space) and plus I realized how much stuff goes unused, underused, ignored or even worse, saved for another time or place. I don't want be consumed with stuff. During the holiday season, irrational behavior sets in as consumerism rears its ugly head and devours the money of everyday citizens. Americans are consumed by having lots of stuff and this "recession" isn't going to get in the way of people accumulating more stuff, now is it? It doesn't matter what the stuff is along as they have IT! I could take the time right now to talk about my most recent Black Friday experience but that should probably be another post. Just for the record, I bought only a 5 items and slightly went over my $50 budget.

I have already tackled the "guest" bedroom, which is no longer a guest bedroom because no one comes to visit regularly enough to warrant an entire room for their use. I have taken the bed apart, it is waiting to be hauled away and I have organized the closet. There are a few more things left to sort through but it isn't anything major because the hard part is done already. I have changed that space into a multi-purpose room (crafts, sewing, play or workout), it just depends on who is using it.

Next, on the list is my hubby's closet, not looking forward to that battle. I see items in there that still have tags. I will save that joint task for last. Finally, the office file cabinet... Yikes! This task makes me itch just thinking about it because I saw papers in there dated 2003, which means that paperwork have been in there since we bought this house. I wish you could see the goosbumps on my arms.

I am determined to lighten the load around here just for the sake of having one less thing to think about or task that I wish I could have completed already. I am pushing forward into 2012 with an empty to do list in search of bigger and better things where I can devote my time. So as you take in everything I have rambled about in this post, consider joining me in The Great Purge and you can thank me later.

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  1. This reminds me of a post I wrote last year: http://www.ourlifeonchrist.com/2010/09/how-to-get-organized.html

    It feels SO, SO great to get rid of STUFF. We are all drowning in it!