Friday, March 2, 2012

All things GA or bust!

Recently, we were sitting around talking about our weekend plans and I realized there are so many places that we haven't been to in Georgia considering how long we have lived here. We have been married 9 years (that is another blog post for another day) this August but we have been here longer if you include college. So we decided that we would theme our excursions as "All things GA." This essentially means we are going to use our weekends and other miscellaneous down time to enjoy everything that Georgia has to offer. We have seen majority of the "mainstream" attractions here in Atlanta but not very many attractions off the well-worn tourist path. It is actually a bit pitiful that we have not been more places that speak on the rich history of GA. I can't count the number of weekends that we have complained that we had nothing to do! I can spend a whole afternoon talking about other states and countries that I want to visit but I haven't even played in my own backyard yet. What a shame?

So in order to get prepared I had to acquire a map (of course!) that included all historical landmarks and State Park and I printed a list of museums and other attractions. We made this pledge on New Year's Day and so far we have visited the Jimmy Carter Presidential Museum, Callaway Gardens, Atlanta History Museum during to the last 3 weekends. Let me just say, I have been pleasantly surprised (to say the least) at each place that we visited. Next on our list will be Sweetwater Creek, Panola Mountain, Etowah Indian Mounds, Red Top Mountain, Amicalola Falls and Tellus Museum. That list should keep us busy for the next 6 weeks. I need weather contingency plan for the outdoor activities just in case we get rain, which is not a surprise here in Georgia.

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