Friday, March 23, 2012

What am I going to do with all these plastics eggs???

That's a good question! I am going to make some wreaths!!!!

For the first one I used the plastic eggs and the pink basket filler. I purchased a wire wreath frame and wrapped with a wide pink ribbon. Next, I glued the plastic eggs to the covered frame with my handy dandy glue gun. I didn't put the eggs on in any particular, so that I wouldn't obsess over it. I did use large eggs and miniature eggs just to give the wreath more texture. So just glued them on the frame and move on. To fill in some of the gaps between the eggs, I stuffed the plastic streamers into any crevice I could find on the wreath. Once every nook and cranny was with the stringy filler, I added a wooden decorative egg to the center of the wreath suspended from jewelry wire beaded with glass bead.

My second wreath has a grapevine frame. I purchased a bag of adorable pastel speckled eggs that look pretty realistic. I loosely wrapped sheer green ribbon around the wreath and secured it with glue. Next I attached the eggs to the bottom of the wreath and use floral moss to fill in any gaps between the eggs. I found that adding the floral moss makes the eggs look like they are resting in a nest. Once the foundation is set, I added a few silk daisies randomly around the eggs and the moss. I added a glittery rabbit ornament to the center of the wreath suspended from jewelry wire beaded with wooden painted beads and added a handmade bow on the top. 


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